Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Operations and decision making will be replaced and augmented by artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and robotics

Unmanned Hub helps companies and professionals find & use the right tools to develop, support and advance in a connected world.
Unmanned Hub stands at the intersection of  education, industry and the future workforce.
Data input and the quality of data is crucial. Good AI applications require a human in the loop. Algorithmic bias is one of the biggest risks. Machine learning algorithms are used to make decisions faster than humans at a fraction of the cost. Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning, Automation and Robotics will have a fundamental impact on the global labour market in the near future. The work force needs to be trained, retrained and prepared for the challenges in a more and more connected digital world. The sector needs to become more diverse with more women and minorities being present at all levels. Unmanned Hub offers access to higher education, CPD and short courses in disciplines necessary for a career in artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and robotics. We organise and feature workshops, conferences, tradeshows and industry summits.  

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