Grants and Funding for Startups in Spain

Grants and Funding for Startups in Spain

There are various grants and funding opportunities available in Spain. These are some examples of interesting grants and funding programs for entrepreneurs.

  1. CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology):
    CDTI is a Spanish public organization that promotes technological innovation by providing funding for research and development projects. It offers various grants and loans for companies, especially for those in the high-tech and innovative sectors.

  2. NEOTEC:
    NEOTEC is a program offered by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation to support the creation and growth of innovative technology-based startups. The program offers up to €250,000 in non-refundable grants to selected projects.

  3. ENISA (Spanish Innovation and Business Financing Company):
    ENISA is a public entity that offers financing for innovative SMEs and startups. It provides various financing options, such as loans, equity participation, and convertible notes.

  4. European Regional Development Fund (ERDF): The ERDF is a European Union fund that supports economic and social cohesion in the regions of the EU. In Spain, the ERDF provides funding for projects related to research and innovation, entrepreneurship, and business competitiveness.

  5. Horizon Europe: Horizon Europe is the European Union’s research and innovation program for the period of 2021-2027. Spanish entities are eligible to apply for funding from the program, which covers a wide range of research and innovation activities.

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